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The Pioneers.

Happy Hearts has been started by a group of educationists who are truly passionate about creating a change in the world of education in Goa.


A thorough-bred Jesus & Mary product, from Convent of Jesus & Mary, St. Anthony's Agra and  College Of Jesus & Mary,St. Bede's   Simla has a cumulative experience of over 42 years in the field of education.

After her post-graduation she has taught at schools both in India and abroad. She has gained extensive experience working with  institutions like Convent of Jesus and Mary, St. Anthony’s Agra, Don Bosco Panaji, Don Bosco Naigaon, Mumbai and Indian School Muscat.

As a result of such prolonged exposure to education both domestic and International, she is proficient with the very latest in teaching methodologies, and actively keeps in touch with other educationalists to learn new ideas. She has learned and used different techniques and tools to educate students for effective and efficient teaching. 

 Being a committed educationalist, she strives to instill the right values in students. In order to achieve  , she has also been instrumental in organizing English elocutions, exhibitions, story telling, art and singing competitions. She has also been the main organizer in school sports meets, drill displays, and school annual days with her own scripts.

 She has several feathers in her cap, some of which include working as the editor of school magazines, taking part in various workshops, and working with parents and children affected with psychological problems.

She believes that an educator should have a glowing heart and a beautiful smile. They should spread love and happiness all around  them. They should make a difference to people's lives. 

Her inspiration has been  Helen Keller's words that the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. 

 She is also presently writing a hand book for teachers outlining several skits and stage plays to promote values. Her favourite quote is Gandhiji's words "Be the change that you want to see in the world. "

As a Center Head of  Happy Hearts, she wants the center to be a platform for all creative people and make it a place where minds progress but hearts are preserved! She believes that the right 'ATTITUDE' in an individual is very important for success.

Christine and her team are creating an awareness of the Montessori system of education in Goa . 


As an Alma Mater of Don Bosco Matunga, Mumbai, he carries with him the air and grace of a true Boscoite.    Self-driven and results-oriented and with a positive outlook. He is  a natural forward planner. He has over 47 years of experience in the fields of Marketing and Administration. Having worked both in India and abroad, he has played a wide spectrum of roles in various organizations. In his present capacity, he will undertake the management and planning of strategic marketing activities at the centre. 

 In the past, he has represented multinational companies for Distributor’s and Dealership seminars, organized launches of new products, and has been instrumental in increasing the turnover and achieving targets for the organizations he has worked with in the past. His job has taken him to South Africa, all parts of Middle East and Far east Asia.

 He has immense experience in leading teams, training and development, working with government compliance, administration and brand management. Being a linguist, helps him to get across to people with ease. Being an empathic communicator, is able to see things from the other person's point of view.


Has completed his Masters in Business Administration in the University of Wales, UK, specializing in Marketing.

Prior to this, he has also studied at the prestigious St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. He is proficient in the various facets of marketing like International Marketing, Services Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Brand Management, Strategic Management and Sales Management.

 Having completed his primary level education in Oman, and secondary education in India, he has first-hand experience in the difference in teaching methodologies in both these countries, and thus is able to combine both and promote a form of education that is both relatively modern, yet traditional enough to retain values in students. His previous work experience includes well known multinational companies like Accenture and Marriott. He has also worked with a real estate developer, and has taken part in promotions in various parts of the country like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. He has also attended an Advanced Diploma Programme in Child Education and Applied Psychology.

 He has actively participated in various public activities like elocutions and debates. As cultural head in two Institutions, he has groomed teams to participate in various inter-collegiate competitions. Due to his experience as cultural head, he is well versed in planning and budgeting activities. He also participates in a youth leadership programme conducted at Don Bosco Panaji, in order to instill values and leadership skills in the youth of Goa. He is certified in Voice and Accent Training through Accenture in Mumbai, hence he will be instrumental in training soft skills as a faculty at the centre, as well as actively participate in marketing the various programmes conducted at the centre. Being proficient in computer operation and softwares like CorelDraw, PhotoShop, Office and several Audio and Video mixing software, he is an immense asset in designing magazines and directing promotional videos


 Being an avid  reader, he is very knowledgeable  and  wants to share it with the students of today.  Has an ear for music and plays the guitar.

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