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In Progress:

  • N.T.T. (Nursery Teacher Training) One year Diploma, Correspondence and Full Time.
  • Govt. of Goa. (H.R.D.F.) courses in Montessori Teaching.
  • Happy Hearts Montessori Pre-Primary School

Goa Montessori & N.T.T. Study Centre Announces Commencement of Courses Affiliated to Human Resource Development Foundation, Govt. of Goa.

Govt. Of Goa Human Resouce Development Foundation has granted affiliation the following programme at Goa Montessori & N.T.T. Study Centre:

One Year Trade Certificate in Montessori Teaching

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Highlights of the Montessori System of Education

  • Created by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907
  • Extremely scientific and practical way to teach children even complex concepts. 
  • Uses scientifically designed apparatus to teach children.
  • One of the most famous and widely recognised forms of education all over the world.
  • Focus on intellectual as well as moral development in children.
  • We teach you how to use the Montessori Apparatus, and how to be an effective educator as a part of this programme.