Activities and Happenings at Happy Hearts
The Students of Happy Hearts participated in the celebration of our Country’s Republic Day in January. They listened with awe to stories about the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, that were recited and enacted by our preschool teachers. They also participated in a cooking activity wherein they made a tricolor fruit salad in honour of our national flag. In order to help the students understand more about our society, we organized field trips for our students to places of social interest. They had an exciting visit to a railway station and a fire station, where they understood the importance that these places hold in our society. This was followed by a picnic organized for our pre-schoolers in February at Campal Park.

Christmas Time at Happy Hearts
The children at Happy Hearts were very happy to be a part of the Christmas celebrations that were held here.  The celebrations began with a cooking activity. The children baked a delicious chocolate cake which really got them excited. They then had a Christmas party, which had a play about the birth of Jesus put up by the Students of Goa Montessori, and a special appearance by Santa Claus!

Happy Days at Happy Hearts
 Diwali and Dusshera were celebrated with great pomp and splendor at Happy Hearts with the children lighting fireworks and designing rangolis with great joy. The Open House was held on the 25th of October, which gave the parents a chance to observe their child’s development over time. Many parents were amazed and excited about the amount of work their children have done at school. The children also participated in a fancy dress activity and had a party in celebration of Children’s Day.

Monsoon Magic at Happy Hearts
 The monsoon months have come upon us, and our entire surroundings have magically turned lush and green.  Our Intrepid Pupils celebrated Independence Day with great devotion, and listened with rapt attention as the teachers recited to them various stories about the Independence struggle.
Ganesh Chaturti was also celebrated with great gusto as the children created some craft items, and designed a rangoli  for the occasion. The students were also treated to a story about the creation of Lord Ganesh, which they found fascinating.
Family Fun at Happy Hearts
An old proverb says ‘The seasons may come and go, but a family stays forever.’ The little ones at Happy Hearts Montessori learnt the importance of Family through the theme of the month this July. They learnt about various members of different families, and how the size and composition of each family is unique. The students were extremely excited to participate in a family themed cooking activity, wherein they designed the faces of different family members on biscuits, using various ingredients to give definite features to each person.
Goa Montessori working selflessly to improve  education in Goa
In a bid to improve the overall level of awareness and quality of education in Goa, Happy Hearts and Goa Montessori conducted a series of workshops for other schools and institutions in Goa.
A workshop on ideal nutrition for children was conducted for the PTA at a school in Vasco.  There was immense interaction between the Parents and Mr. Dominic Alphonso, who enlightened them about good nutritious food choices.
Teachers from another school in Panaji visited Happy Hearts in Porvorim in order to gain deeper understanding about the Montessori system of education. They observed some of the activities that we conduct in our school, and were demonstrated the use of some Montessori Apparatus by Ms. Ronella and  Ms.Macklin

Orientation for NTT Students - 2011 -12 batch
An orientation was held for the students of the twelve month Nursery Teacher Training Programme at both the Porvorim and Margao centers.  This orientation was organized in order to familiarize them with the course contents and methods of instruction. Mrs Christine Alphonso gave the student the details and introduced them to the faculty. She also  wished them luck for the programme, and implored them to gain maximum possible utility from this programme.
The students were given their course kits after the orientation.

Montessori Educators - Graduation
 The students of the 9 month Montessori course celebrated their farewell in May 2011. They were addressed by Mr. Basil D’cunha, who wished them all the best in their future endeavors. This was followed by a Potluck lunch, which was enjoyed by all.  
The students breathed a sigh of relief a few months later when their results were announced on 24th June 2011. They were awarded their Diplomas by Ms. Grace Musumesci, a Montessorian from Australia.

Orientation for Parents
The new parents and students of Happy Hearts preschool were welcomed into the Happy Hearts family during the orientation organized for them on 12th June 2011.
The teachers explained about the unique features of the Montessori system of education to them, and also displayed a video, which further explained the finer nuances of this system.  Practical demonstration of the Montessori apparatus was given by the teachers. Parents then interacted with each other over snacks.
Annual Day  organized by Happy Hearts Montessori Pre- Primary School
 As the academic year drew to a close, the parents of the students at Happy Hearts were very excited to know about the activities and skills that their children learnt throughout the year. The teachers displayed all the artwork and sheets that the students worked on, and interacted with the parents to solve queries about the activities.
The children were also very keen on putting up a show for their parents and relatives, and so they danced and sang songs with great gusto on the Cultural Day 6th March 2011.
A video highlighting all the learning activities was shown to the parents which they really appreciated.

 Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
The  Montessori and NTT student teachers were enlightened about the importance of a positive attitude as educators.  A motivating workshop was organised for them on 9th Feb'2011. The workshop was encouraging and highly interactive. The facilitator Mr. Trevor Fernandes shared his experiences and made each one aware about the importance of our attitudes and how we can have a positive outlook and change the way we view our life experiences and also bring about a change in other people's lives.  There was a healthy discussion on how to develop a positive, healthy, and an empowering attitude
 Mr. Dominic Alphonso introduced Mr. Trevor Fernandes to the teachers. Mrs. Christine Alphonso too shared her teaching experiences and made them aware of the impact a teacher has on her students , the teaching community and on education.
So now we know that "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." 

Buzzing  With  Activities
As we move forward into year 2011, we can’t help but look back at the previous with wonderment; It was truly a remarkably eventful year.
Our preschool children are growing the Montessori way. Learning with themes every month, they have gained an insight into various things and are learning to be independent.  They  have learnt to truly appreciate nature and to take care of it too. They were excited to have their own fish bowl and they dutifully watch it every morning. They have also begun to understand the importance of festivals, as we celebrated both Diwali and Christmas at the school last year. Diwali was celebrated with great enthusiasm; the children had crafted lamps especially for the occasion through paper tearing and paper rolling. Their spirit of independence was further bolstered when they decorated their own diyas and assisted the teachers to make a rangoli.
Christmas gave the children further reason to rejoice, as they got an opportunity to bake cakes and muffins, and some of their favourite snacks. They also created images of Santa using various craft items. The one activity in which they truly took great pleasure in was the decoration of the Christmas tree, which excited them immensely. They greatly enjoyed the nativity play and were overjoyed to see Santa. The Christmas party really brought in the spirit of the season!
Our teachers-in-training at Goa Montessori had an equally eventful year. Having conquered their examinations, they decided to satiate their hunger for knowledge by learning new health conscious recipes like baked French fries, puries, pizza and a cake. Their creative prowess was also whetted in the form of a special workshop on fabric painting. A similar workshop was also conducted during Christmas that helped the teachers create special Christmas cards and decoration. The teachers also got together and put up the nativity play about the birth of Jesus for the preschool children which they enjoyed immensely.
Now that 2011 is finally here, we are sure that the future is filled with even greater heights for us to scale together and much more learning and fun is in store for us this year. We facilitate our student teachers and preschool students to enjoy what they do. Learning should be an interesting process and not a painful task.
Have a wonderful New Year!!!!

Moving With Times in The Field of Education
The GMNTT faculty conducted a workshop on Modernization of Education at Our Lady of the Rosary Secondary High School, Dona Paula on the 5th of June’10. There is an urgent need for modernization of education in India.  GMNTT sought to address this need by conducting a workshop for the teachers of Our Lady of the Rosary Secondary High School.
Mr. Dominic Alphonso made the teachers aware about many modern and international educational methodologies like the Waldorf, Reggio Emilia etc. The teachers learned to apply several new techniques and teaching tools in order to enhance the appeal of the classroom. Teachers were enlightened about the use of graphic organizers, six thinking hats method, creating wordplays, acrostic poems, acronyms and many more innovative methods.
 Mrs. Christine Alphonso emphasized on the importance of working as a team and ‘ATTITUDE’ teachers should adopt to be great teachers!  She also enlightened  the teachers  about  the methods of questioning and how to bring about  a change in the written work  done in schools.   
A highlight of the workshop was the explanation of cutting edge technology available to teachers like interactive touch screen whiteboards and the use of computer software to educate children. The workshop was an eye opener and received well by the teachers. It opened the doors to ‘out of the box thinking’ in the minds of the teachers at the school.
Heralding Change For Education in Goa
 Goa Montessori & NTT Study Centre launched the Montessori Teacher Training Programme on 5th June'10.  The idea is to train the teachers of international caliber who can be instrumental in changing the scenario of education in Goa and in the country.  Goa Montessori wants to be instrumental in giving a new dimension to education in Goa.
Mr. Dominic Alphonso welcomed the students and introduced them to the Faculty members. Mr. Basil D’cunha and Mrs. Judy D’cunha addressed the students and expressed happiness at their choice. They advised the students to make the most of the facilities and faculty available at GMNTT.   They asked the students to take keen interest and be better informed teachers. 
The faculty  enlightened the students about the Montessori method and its intricacies through a power point presentation.  The students found it very informative and equipped them mentally with what to expect during the training. They were also briefed on bringing about innovation in the classrooms through new methods.
The students were excited when they received their kits and books.  They now look forward to the new path they have chosen to move on!

Summer Camp  Organized  from 8th April to 18th April 2010
The Goa Montessori and NTT Study Centre in Porvorim Goa, organised a Summer Camp for children from the ages of 5 years to 10 years from the 8thof April to the 18th of April, 2010.
 The children learnt and participated in various fun filled fun filled activities. Art taught them to be creative and to think out of the box. They also enjoyed expressing their talents through the form of music and dance. Various easy to make and fun filled recipes were also taught to the children, which they relished, and they displayed their illusionary talents by learning and performing various magic tricks. A field trip to the Naval Aviation Museum and picnic to a resort was also organized as part of the camp. The yoga sessions taught them how to meditate, be more disciplined, and have a peaceful mind. The camp also taught the children several important practical life skills like setting a table and how to serve food to people.
 The children especially enjoyed interactive games on the computers and the smart-board, which improved their skills, and helped them overcome their fear of technology. Movies filled with fun and values were projected on a wide screen display for the campers. A walk-in hand writing competition was also held during the camp, on the 14th of April.
 The camp finale was attended by the Sarpanch, Mrs. Pratima Narvekar, who said that a centre like this one was a necessity in today’s world. The Centre Head, Mrs. Christine Alphonso, enumerated the various programmes and activities that are held at the centre. The children displayed their new-found skills and talents in front of their parents during the finale programme, which concluded with great pomp and splendour.
Writeright  Handwriting  Competition - Held on 14/4/10
Group I  
1 Miss. Tanusha K Paraz
2 Miss. Rachel Rodrigues 
Group II
1 Miss. Steffi Gomes
2 Miss. Sejal Pai
3 Miss. Laiqah Khan
3 Mast. Abizar Meghani
Group III
1 Mast. Subhash Nayaka
2 Miss. Ankita Gadgil